Week 26: Hernandarias Paraguay

“RISE UP, and become the person YOU were meant to be.” -Elder Uchtdorf

WHAT A WEEK! So anyways this week me and Elder Eddenfield did a little challenge to see who could get the most “other lessons” which is just any lesson with an investigator without a member present, so like contacting and what not, but to be a lesson it has to have a starting and ending prayer and be 15 min long, and if you don’t feel the spirit then it doesn’t count, because THE SPIRIT IS EVERYTHING! So anyways the norm of the mission is around 12 to 14 a week, and my goal was 30, so going into it I knew we would have to work our butts off! Anyways we worked and worked and worked and worked some more, and ended up with 29! Which I am very very happy with! That is an amazing number for one week, and it was so so so much fun! I was literally trying everything to get into houses and my favorite method became! “Hey I am from America, and my comp is not, are you from America?” and then they say no of course, and then I say well crap, I can’t talk to ya then, and then they just start laughing up a storm, and then we get a lesson!


We have these new cards for christmas the Jesus is the gift movement, and it is so fun to teach about, especially because I swear that EVERYONE here is catholic, so its entertaining! But on saturday I was doing splits with Elder Merrell, and I was showing him some new contacting things, and some guy came out, and I was just super happy and everything (if you know me, you will understand that’s normal) and then we started to talk about catholics, and he looked at some old dirty fence post, breathed on it, and then shined it ( like you would to a window) and fell to his knees and started worshipping it, then he said No I am not a crazy catholic who worships anything and everything, safe to say I LOST IT!  It was so so so funny!

Also this same exact day, it rained harder than hard. We were swimming in water past our knees, I kid you not! It was so so wet! All our stuff was so extremely wet! IT WAS AWESOME!:) I absolutely love the fact that I live in Paraguay! IT’S SO SO SO AMAZING HERE! IT’S SO SO BEAUTIFUL HERE!:)

Ding Dong

Anyways I wanna talk about goals and that for a second! I used to hate goals, but NOW I LOVE THEM! I would never be able top get 30 lessons in a week, but that was our goal, and we were able to PLAN accordingly every single day to achieve our goal! What an amazing lesson that was for me, I mean I have always had the goal of being some type of doctor (Orthopedic, Neurologist, Cardiologist or Radiologist)  but now I have realized that is my long term goal, but what do Ii have to do in the short term? Well first I will finish my mission with NO REGRETS, I don’t wanna look back on life with regrets of my mission, I will work every single second of every single day, because 2 years is only 2 years, no matter how you look at it. Next I will get home, and go straight to work, school, and studies, that’s first for sure. I mean finding a wife is somewhere in there, but who wants to marry someone who doesn’t have a job, and isn’t going to school? I wouldn’t. Next is marriage, and marrying someone who will support me in my goals and ambitions! And after that is just work my butt off to become smart enough! That’s just an example, but you can literally use short to long term goals to achieve ANYTHING! Such as eternal life, first is baptism and the holy ghost, next is temple, and within it all is Enduring to the end, So you can make small goals, such as temple marriage, and then set smaller goals, such as only date people with good values, and then another goal, is make sure I know my values, things such as this will make ALL the difference in your whole life, I promise you that!

Anyways that’s about all I got for ya this week! Sorry for rambling on about goals for a good 30 minutes! Also everyone everyone read John 14, and remember that Jesus says he will not leave us comfortless, and that he did send the holy ghost! don’t forget that you are NEVER alone in ANYTHING! I know that with all of my heart! I feel so so so alone sometimes, and so stuck in my own thoughts, because I will admit it, living with a guy who walks around talking to himself all day and then until about 4 in the morning can feel a little lonely, in the middle of Paraguay, but then I just pray to have strength, and comfort to carry on so I can achieve my goal of serving a worthy, full-time mission. I invite you all to pray for help, strength and comfort, and I promise YOU WILL receive it!

I Like Turtles
Anyways I love you all, almost as much as I love Paraguay, but not near as much as I love being a missionary!
Elder Brayd 🙂

Week 25: Hernandarias Paraguay

´The trick is to enjoy life. Don’t wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead.´ -Majorie Pay Hinckley


Hello people of the world! 🙂 I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season, it is beginning to look a little bit like Christmas here in Paraguay!!!:) This was a strange week! so on last PDAY we came to a FLOODED apartment! A pipe had broke underneath us, and we were flooded out, so we ended up staying with other elders all week, which was a little strange! It was definitely a week of very little sleep! Anyways I had a dream one night I was on a bus contacting, and what not, and I talked to this girl about baptism and got her name and all that jazz, and then I woke up, and my agenda was right next to my desk with a map drawn to her house, and everything, so we went looking for her (me and Eddenfield in the picture with her) and WE FOUND HER!!! It was insane! She was super receptive, but she is catholic, so it was still a struggle, but I really think she can progress!!

My goals for this week were to teach my comp how to have more animo (animation?) in lessons and contacting, because I go in guns blazing supa happy, and get everyone hyped then he talks reallllly soft, and it just ruins the vibe of the lesson, so I have been trying to show him how! also I have been trying to push him to do more street contacting which is like my favorite thing ever, its like walking up to a girl and asking for her number, but you’re walking up to someone and asking for their address, and their faith which is like a million times more fun, because its more important and I can do it in Guaraní, which is so fun, because in Spanish is something like “Hola soy un misionero y representante de JesuCristo’ or some variation of that but in Guaraní its “Hou Pe! Or´e ha´e misionerpugua de HesuKristo tupao aramatekuera hapahapegua!” which is literally nothing alike at all, and people automatically are like alright I see you white boy speaking Guaraní, or I just walk up and say “de kuré tettaté” which means you’re supa fat and they laugh and then we talk about where I am from, and I LOVE saying how old do you think I am because everyone says 25 or around there and I am like uhhh 18…:) and their like whoa that’s cool and I am like ya!

Anyways I have learned so so so much this week, but my favorite is probably john 2:9 9 When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine, and knew not whence it was: (but the servants which drew the water knew;) the governor of the feast called the bridegroom.

I love this because it has a winky face and a sad face, and no I did not change it to say that! Because sometimes we will be like why is God giving me water when I asked for wine??? But he knows what he’s giving ya 😉 hahahahah:) its just so so so awesome!

Matthew 7:2
2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. I LOVE this because it said mete which think like Jesus was a pirate! hahahah:) he was on his ship preaching and he was like ye mete (in a pirate voice) this is one of mine and Eddenfield many theories of the life of Jesus Christ, but what it boils down to is he was and still is the MAN! 🙂

I love you all millions! remember he knows what he’s giving us ye mete!:)


Week 24: Hernandarias Paraguay

Feliz dia de gracias.. I mean wait, they don’t do that here…awkward


HAPPY THANKSGIVING FOLKS! While y’all were watching football, and gaining some weight I was sweating worse than I have in my whole life ever! SUMMER is starting here, and it probably will be a long one! it is hitting mid 90´s which may or may not sound too bad, but then the humidity is mid 90’s as well, which may or may not be killer. Anyways!

So we have this investigator named Aracley, and she is 17 and has came to church over 20 times, but they could never get permission to baptize her from her dad, so I come in here all guns a blazin’ and what not and get her permission, so now she can be baptized, BUT she is moving to Brazil so she can’t get baptized after 5 months of trying! So that really put a damper on my day! I bible bashed with her dad for a good hour and finally got him to understand that JESUS was baptized, and it is a commandment, and that in Matthew we learn about the authority you have to have from God to do things and yada yada, but now it doesn’t matter!

MY FAVORITE thing is to get in discussions with Catholics about why we shouldn’t pray to the Virgin Mary to Jesus to God, and I love love love it, because I know my bible now, which means I can bash, so I just start pulling out every time Jesus says ask the Father in my name and it will be given to you, and how Mary had other children, and how she was unpure for 2 weeks, and how yeah she was a stud and all, but we shouldn’t put her statue in little houses in front of our house and what not! so yeah!


Anyways on Friday we were out tracting and I have been PRAYING PRAYING and PRAYING to find a family that we can baptize and everything, and then my prayers were somewhat answered! I saw a lady and some kids digging in their yard, and thought I can dig! So I walk up and say hey can I help you ( in Guaraní to gain some respect:)) and she said no! and I said please I need to practice so I can get married one day! and she said well women do like men who can work! So she let me! And then I started talking to her, and what not! She is a solo mom. and has 6 kids all over the age of 10! she is Evangelical but not active, and she was like where does it talk about all this in the Bible? and I said well I can show ya! so I started explain everything to her about how it talks all about it in the bible with the stick of Ephraim and all that! So she LOVED it! the best part is THEY ALL CAME TO CHURCH! What a great day!!!:)

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE being a missionary is what its all boils down to!!!:) I have so so so many cool experiences everyday! Even the bad experiences are still so so so cool to look back on and think WOW I made it through that!:) I promise you, as Jesus promised Joseph Smith, that your tribulations will be but a second in the grand scheme of things! JUST PRAY AND.. PRAY.. and FAST! 🙂 There are so many simple, yet beautiful truths in the gospel that we have, there is no reason to not be happy!!!:)


I love you all so so so much, and I am so very very blessed to have your support! 🙂 ALSO all of you read the bible! Just start with the New Testament, because I will admit it the old test is kinda boring, but its super deep! And while reading you will start to think, man didn’t I already read this, and the chances are you have because the 4 gospels basically repeat themselves (besides John, he just kinda does his own thing) BUT I promise you every time you read the same parable or the same healing or something your faith WILL grow, and so will your TESTIMONY! I love the BOM and all, but my testimony has grown so so so much by reading the Bible, so I invite you all to read it as well!!!:) Once again I love you all,!!!:)


Now is the time to become
So after church yesterday a member who is 18 years old was like hey can I talk you, and I was like of course! So she starts to tell me how her boyfriend did all this crap to her, like cheated on her and broke her heart (she is completely bawling), and starts to say how she wishes she could find a nice guy like me who is doing something with their life, and won’t hurt her, and then instantly I start to get overwhelmed with tears, and started pouring out to her how I was so stupid with girls and everything, and yeah… so I have decided now is the time to change! Now is the time to change everything! To be smarter, stronger, bigger, have a stronger testimony, better knowledge of the scriptures! Now is the time for me to BECOME who I need to be! I will NOT come home early, I will NOT let a day pass with out doing EVERYTHING I can to BECOME! NOW IS THE TIME! I know that through hard work, study, and prayer I can BECOME the man I NEED to be! I invite you all to try to BECOME who you need to be!


Week 23: Hernandarias Paraguay

“Get thee hence satan” – Jesus Christ

Hello folks! another GREAT week here in Hernandarias!:) This email wont be TOO long, because I don’t have much time!:) But this week I finally decided to not care what my companion says and took a different approach to our companionship, which by that I mean… I WORKED HIM TO DEATH, I DROPPED CANE ON ANY RULE BREAKING, I was very stern, and he was mad at me more than 90% of the week, but we made a lot of progress, and I feel that he will be a better missionary because of it! One thing I have learned from Elder Eddenfield that has helped me a lot, is don’t let his disobedience ruin yours, and that I can’t be afraid to drop cane and be the bad guy!

Elder Nielsen and Santa

Everyone always told me “You will make life long friends on the mission and what not” and I was like ya right, I will be with people who aren’t named Brink, Zac, Connan, Jace, Mike, Paden! but then I met Dallen Eddenfield, and he has become a brother to me! We push each other to be better everyday in everything! I love that dude!

Anyways we had some cool experiences with less actives this week! So first off when ya buy a coke here it comes in a glass bottle most of the time, and so I took that and cleaned it and bought candies and wrote a number on them! each number correlated to a gospel principle, and then played spin the bottle, and whoever it landed on dumped out a candy, and then had to share about that topic such as (first vision, Book of Mormon, why we are here, and things like that) just simple things, and it was shocking to see that these people who had been members for over 10, 20, 30 years couldn’t answer, so then I do my favorite thing and whip out the bible and drop a little cane by using the words of Christ, which actually resulted in 3 less actives at church which always feels good to see some fruits from your labors!I learned that not only obedience, but willing happy obedience is the key! YOU WILL RECIEVE BLESSINGS! Obedience is a huge thing for my Mom as well, which also reminds me what I need to do here to become the best missionary I can be!

Elder Mahoney, Elder Nielsen, Elder Eddenfield

ALSO one day we went to the area of some other elders to try and find a map of our city, and it rained so so so hard we couldn’t leave! we were walking in water up to our knees! it was NUTZ! No taxis or anyone would drive, so we were stuck there which was fun! I was with Elder Merrill who has one less transfer than I, and we just talked and reminisced about our lives before!

Elder Nielsen and Elder Eddenfield

GET THEE HENCE SATAN – Matthew 4:10! What I have learned as a missionary is something I wish I would have learned sooner, but everyone thinks missionaries aren’t tempted they’re perfect yaddayadayada, but we are, a lot, and my new favorite thing to say is “Get thee hence satan” and I just yell it! and no one has a clue what I am saying bc I live in Paraguay like 2 minutes from the brazil border, and it truly works folks, when in doubt get satan out! also.. DON’T DO STUPID THINGS!

Okay that is all I love you all and hope y’all had a great week, also in the words of Elder Eddenfield, WOOOOOW (in a very sincere happy voice), my sister is going to have a baby soon.

Me and the homie Dallen Eddenfield straight postin, boi!:)

Me and the homie Dallen Eddenfield straight postin, boi!:)


Week 22: Hernandarias Paraguay


This week weeennnntttt by supa fast! Tuesday was super duper rainy, and so that just makes it so much harder to have success, and what not, but we did meet with some investigators, and that’s always a good time. I love teaching people, its just so entertaining, some of the questions and things people say kill me.


Elder Eddenfield, Sister La Pierre, President La Pierre, Elder Nielsen

Elder Eddenfield, Sister La Pierre, President La Pierre, Elder Nielsen

Anyways so on Wednesday we had a Zone Conference, which means that president and the AP´s were there, which no one really cares about the AP´s, but when president speaks its just pure inspiration flowing out of a mouth. You can literally ask him any question about anything, and he will tell you exactly what scripture, verse, and what word number to start on, and it will be exactly right no matter what. He is mind blowngly smart. So we have this one investigator who has over 10 church attendances, she is 16, and her dad doesn’t wanna give her permission to be baptized, but I asked president and he said we could email her mom who is in Spain, and is a member, for her permission! So that will be AWESOME if it all works out all right!

Elder Nielsen, Elder Maxwell?, and Elder Eddenfield at Zone Conference

Elder Nielsen, Elder Maxwell?, and Elder Eddenfield at Zone Conference

We have been working with like a zillion less actives, which can be fun, but also a struggle in its self because you know they know that this church is true, or you know they don’t know who Joseph smith was, and you just wanna kill the missionaries who baptized them. So then it becomes a struggle of how to teach them because you don’t wanna offend them by teaching them something they already know, so then I just resort to dropping cane and giving them all of the lessons super slowly until they ask why I am doing it, then I say because clearly the first time wasn’t good enough so were starting from square one.

Nielsen y Investigator

I was confronted with a lot of anti-mormon material this week, and man am I blessed to have just finished Jesus the Christ and had my bible ready, and man did I bash, those J-Dubs (Jehovah’s Witnesses) aint got nothing! they are just a bunch of psychos, and another asked me about my magic underwear and that they watched videos about it on YouTube, and why in the temple we wear different clothing, and he literally acted all of the sacred ordinances we do in the temple. To this I was heartbroken, the lack of respect of people is so ugly. the only thing that it does for me though is build my testimony, because why would satan try to tear down peoples faith if its not the true faith? Why would he try to pull people away from a church that is not correct? Ever since Christ was on the earth there has been persecution, so while it is in different forms today, we should still expect it to be there, and we should still face it as the savior did, with love, compassion, and patience.

Elder Zuñiga and Elder Nielsen

Elder Zuñiga and Elder Nielsen

I know this church is true with all of my heart and soul and life and body and yeah.. also s/o to Joseph Smith for praying in the sacred grove and seeing a vision. In the words of President LaPierre, “If you have a testimony of the first vision then does anything else really matter? Because if he saw a vision then everything else is true.”

On Sunday I had 2 talks I had one in sacrament about the atonement and I dropped cane so hard about atonement, and then like 8 members scheduled meetings with the branch president, and then I gave a devotional about the first vision! it was awesome!

Sorry I don’t have much time right now, as I am heading to central to chill with my brotha Elda Eddenfield, I will be back on later tho to chat it up and what not. remember when in doubt council out.

I love you all!
Ro hay hu!!
Les Quiero todos!
Elder KingBrayd 🙂

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Also follow this link, my comp had to make a video to send to his stake in
Chile, and I was just chilling in the video, and talk a little in the end,
might entertain ya for a minute!:)

Video de Elderes Nielsen y 

Week 21: Hernandarias Paraguay

Mbaraka Ovama (Barack Obama) in guarani means “I already moved the guitar”

Okay folks! so I am gonna start this email off a little bit different this beautiful Monday in Paraguay! I just wanna let the homies (Z,Brink,CWALL,JI,PRhees,DirtyMike) know how grateful I am for their examples in my life. I know for a fact that I would not be where I am now, doing what I am doing right now with out them. They were with me through it all, and honestly they are the MOST solid group of guys you will ever meet in your life. I mean c’mon Zac postin in England with his fresh new suit can always even HOURS away make me smile. Brink in Washington has been with me since 6th grade and literally is a member of my family, and my twin not much more to say. CWall is on some island somewhere and he literally probably is one of the most solid, dedicated and smartest people you will ever meet, there are 3 things that are for sure in this world the sky is blue, the church is true, and Connan is sexy-ZAC, then you got Jace to the Iverson in brazil and he has always been the good example to all of us, I think we could have gotten in a lot more trouble and done a lot more stupid things with out him, and he is supa smart and sees the good in EVERYONE. Then PRhees in Chile and if you ever need a good chill time full of super deep conversations give him a call, or if you wanna spend a little cash he is your man as well, I cant count the times me and him went and just got some good food, or hit up the mall. then Mikey the dirty in Tennessee, me and him did more stupid childish things together in one year than anyone should do in your life. he’s my wingman for sure, and old women love him, and disabled people. So what I am saying here is that each of them have super amazing qualities, and I can only hope, pray, and work my butt off to try to come back from my mission as good as they will. I mean they are my competition for the ladies 😉 no but really I am so so so so blessed to have these guys in my life, council for life. El Consejo por vida. Hebrews 13:1.


Anyways gettin on with the week! Tuesday was super chill because it rained a lot! so its super hard to do anything because as ya know us as missionaries aren’t allowed to swim, so it makes gettin down the road pretty hard, but the rain here is super cool how fast and hard it comes in, and there is so so so so much lightning!:) we did have a noche de hogar (FHE) with our branch pres which was supposed to start at 630 so we get there at 630 then we ended up watching some TV with him about that pawn shop show in Vegas and he just kept asking me questions about the US and then telling me how he could destroy it:) I do love that guy a lot! so we just sat around drinking Mate (some super weird but super good drink with herbs and hot water, Google it, Paden knows what I am talking about)! But there is also terere which is mate but cold with juice and it is delicious!:)


Wednesday was also pretty chill! We went out after our studies around 9 and had a little success with some lessons!:) After that my comp wanted to work on his talk/video he is going to send home for his stake conference or something so we were at the Cyber (internet place) for a little and I was doing my research on what team I wanna be (Everyone is Paraguay asks if you’re Olimpia or Cerro, and in Argentina they ask River or Boca) And I am thinking I am Olimpia and River, so there’s that! Its kinda a big decision in my life here as it can make or break relationships! They are nuts with their soccer and I couldn’t love it more. here wearing soccer jerseys is the thing. everyone has a team they like from every division and country and everything! there is ALWAYS a game on, and I love just clapping at someone’s gate and saying “Podemos mirar el partido con ustedes por favor????:) which means can we watch the game with ya? and then they almost always say yes, and I love that you don’t have to ask if there is a game ever. there is always a game. and then I quickly whenever there is a mistake I bring up the atonement and either get a lesson or get kicked out!:) Wednesday night we had Noche De rama which is just family home evening for the branch and we played ping pong. I am proud to say I didn’t lose. the ping pong game is real my friends!:) And then we went to eat some hamburgers (hamburger, egg, ham, and weird cheese) at the place we always go, and there is a girl there who’s mom owns it who LOVES me. like bad. she texts us every night asking if I can take her to America, or saying she loves my eyes or hair or smile. she’s nuts, but the burgers are good. 🙂


Then on Thursday we did our weekly planning and then did some service at the branch presidents house, and helped him move some rocks and sand for him! while we were waiting for him to get home, there is a little soccer field kinda by his house that we went to and I was able to play soccer for a little bit and that like made my life, until some punk kinds started trying to have beef with me, I was like seriously what are you 12? and then they walked away and stopped trying to have beef! After we went to our burger place and enjoyed us a little soccer, it was Cerro vs. Boca and it was some super super UGLY soccer for what are supposed to be 2 of the best teams in south America! everyone here was supa mad because Boca won 4-1 and 5-1 on aggregate, and I was like yeah its probs bc you guys pushed 9 guys and they got 3 late counterattack goals 3 on 1 with the keeper, I do love watching soccer with people here though! its the fastest way for me to gain some level of respect from them because I actually know what I am talking about!:) After the game we got a call to give a Menos Activo (less active) a blessing of consejo (I cant remember the word in English) and my comp did that. its super hard to give blessings and nerve racking in a different language! we are told to always let a native do it if possible because we don’t know the language too well, but it was still a good experience, whenever you get to lay your hands upon someone’s head in faith knowing the power of god and the grace of Jesuristo is enough to help this person get through whatever they are currently going though is always an awesome experience.

Friday well I will start with Thursday night! HOLY CRAP it was raining so so so hard all night! and the thunder was super strong. I will say the thunder here is different than at home its so much deeper, louder, longer, and more powerful. Its so powerful that it shakes your bed and house, it is impressive. all of Friday was supa stormy! it would stop raining for a good 5 min and then you would hear some thunder and that just makes the clouds wake up or something and then all of a sudden you’re soaked! its super hard to have success in the rain because as I am sure ZD knows in England no one wants to talk to someone who is soaking wet and trying to change their religion, so for that Friday was a little hard in the working side, but nevertheless a good day!:)

Saturday we did some more service for the branch president and I dug like a 10 foot hole for a well, whale, wale, idk, anyways it was so hot, but so so so fun! then we went to the central of hernandarias where some other elders are and there was an activity thing there with like stands from every country and it was super fun!! They had a USA stand and the people in it were just rocking cowboy hats and were supa cool and supa funny!!:)


Sunday I gave a talk about the holy ghost, and I was the last speaker which meant I had over 35 min to speak to fill, so I just went off in English, and then said how its the same for me when the speak in Guaraní, yet I can still feel the spirit in other languages because of the power of the holy ghost and everyone in the branch was like knocked out of their chairs! its funny how when natives and members get up to speak its supa loud and no one is listening, but the moment an American gets up there, it is SILENT, and everyone is looking at you like you’re an apostle. it is such a neat experience! we have this supa supa pretty 19 year old in our branch and she’s supa cool and all, but she just told me she fell n love with me at first sight, and that she feels like she should marry me, and I was like uhhh..

ANYWAYS I FINISHED 803 pages of Jesus The Christ. Wow! What a book! That grew my testimony times a million! Jesus was the man and a half, and as Connan said `can you look him in the eye and tell him he hasn’t done enough for you?` I know that I cant now for sure! I also invite you to read the attributes of Christ in PMG, especially after reading that I have a new respect, and testimony that Jesus is THE CHRIST. the only begotten of the Father, the God of the old testament. HE IS MY REDEEMER, AND the redeemer of the world.

The church is true, the sky is blue and.. you know the rest.

Week 20: Hernandarias Paraguay

Hello folks! Another week down here in PARAGUAY! This week was pretty good! I have really really focused on loving my companion and I do love the little Chilean! He is super funny, and outgoing and I like that. He also is down to work, which is key.


Anyways not a TON happened this week, and I don’t wanna take too much of your reading time, but long story short I LOVE THE RAIN, it rains so so so much here. When it rains missionaries don’t have to work because its considered dangerous, so we just chill and listen to music, and play in the rain some.

IT RAINED A TON HERE! You can't tell super well, but the streets are completely flooded and I am just straight chillin' in the midst of it. I love love love the rain, and it always rains so that's a good agreement!:)

IT RAINED A TON HERE! You can’t tell super well, but the streets are completely flooded and I am just straight chillin’ in the midst of it. I love love love the rain, and it always rains so that’s a good agreement!:)

Also I love the food here. especially Asaditos (refer to picture) which is basically a shishkabob? I dunno if I spelt that right, but its a little stick with meat and one thing they do well here is make mad meat taste GREAT! Which is a miracle for me and my stomach!


One thing I loved about this week was I would talk to Elder Thomas EVERYNIGHT he legit is one of my brothers now, and was before, but especially now. I haven’t been so happy my whole mission as when I am talking to him, and then on Thursday he calls and says he’s being emergency transferred to Argentina, which sucks for us cause you cant call between the countries… so that was SUPER saddening and put a damper on my whole life! I hope he is doing good in Argentina though! He is super cool and athletic and what not and I think you should follow him on insta @BrenanThomas.

Anyways I am teaching English here which is fun! And also the snake game here is on point. I have girls texting me asking if I will take them to the states and every girl I pass says something. its super entertaining. there is this one girl in our ward who is 19 and I’m telling ya if only she spoke English she would be a keeper, good thing I’m teaching her 😉 lol.. I am also teaching the branch pres how to use a computer. Like simple things like copy and paste. How blessed am I of the knowledge of copy and paste and EVERYTHING on a computer. I have never realized how blessed I am to be from the US of fetching A! It really is the best place ever, and then to be from Utah the best state in the best nation is just like whoa. Anyways that’s about it from me. I love you all.

This is our Branch President. HE IS THE MAN! He is super funny, and way cool. We always argue about if anyone could beat the USA in a war, and he is always calling me with new strategy!

This is our Branch President. HE IS THE MAN! He is super funny, and way cool. We always argue about if anyone could beat the USA in a war, and he is always calling me with new strategy!

I would share some spiritual thought with ya guys, but I know every missionary and their dog is sending one, so ill hold back this week. Instead I will share a dream I had. I now have this uncanny ability to remember my dreams. me and Elder Thomas keep dream journals which is super fun. I will write down random words on my paper when I wake up during the night and then wake up and remember the dream more or less. On the night of Halloween I dreamed about chillin with all of the council and having a party at my house and just chillin, and then me and my dad and dirty mike all went to Costco, and mike at this time was having problems getting rejected by girls (typical mike) and all of these like grandmas were hitting on him and everything (for some reason he is super good with disabled and old people, let your imagination wonder why ;)) and yeah that’s about it.

Remember land of the free and home the brave. Kings do king things.


Week 19: Hernandarias Paraguay

Missionaries Take over the world while Satans getting mad. -Mac Miller

Okay folks. I am straight posting in Paraguay right now! It is pretty dope here and a lot better than Argentina I will be honest about that! They have better food here such as Pizza Hut and Burger king which is awesome. My comp is Elder Zuniga from Chile (The mission area of my boy swaggy p) and he defs makes sure that everyone knows where he’s from. He is kinda super weird and what not, and has a distinct smell, but my Spanish is getting better every second of everyday! He talks to himself a lot and what not but its chill! He doesn’t have much drive to work, and that’s the hardest part, but he is a nice guy!

This is how i spend my nights. Music and sitting on top of our house. It is so so so relaxing!

This is how i spend my nights. Music and sitting on top of our house. It is so so so relaxing!

Anyways this week was a weird one as I arrived on Wednesday after 12 hours of travel, and that had to go back to Posadas Friday because my comp had to take care of some stuff with president. we ended up waiting in the terminal for 6 hours and the World Series was on so I was loving that up. Then we got back late Saturday and slept. Church here made me mad, as most of it was held in Guaraní and I can’t speak nor understand that whorish language, but the members are super nice and said my Spanish is amazing so that’s cool.

While working Sunday night I walked past a house and heard Donald Trump by Mac Miller and instinctively started rapping. the people came out and were LOVING it. We instantly gave them a lesson after, and then I just reminisced about Haley Broadbent and I the summer before my sophomore year how we loved that song, and went to Vegas for a soccer tourney and sent each other pictures of the Donald Trump building! lol.. memories!!:)

I guess you can say I am happy to see somewhat real cereal! I will be living off this for a while!!!:)

I guess you can say I am happy to see somewhat real cereal! I will be living off this for a while!!!:)

Anyways not much happened this week in all honesty! I am hyped to work this week and what not. I do want to invite all of you to study the atonement this week and to strengthen your testimony in the atonement and what Christ did for you. You may not need to use it, but you could help someone who will need to rely on your testimony of it. I love you all and will be back on later! LIKE 2 hours or so. also Shout out to Brink for sending me a letter. you’re the man!


This is a mall in Ciudad Del Este. It's super super cool and nice, it has Nike and Adidas stores!!

This is a mall in Ciudad Del Este. It’s super super cool and nice, it has Nike and Adidas stores!!

I love this sign it says: "It's precious to be humble in order to learn." I just saw it on the side of the road and LOVED it! It's so so so so so true!

I love this sign it says: “It’s precious to be humble in order to learn.” I just saw it on the side of the road and LOVED it! It’s so so so so so true!

Week 18: Hernandarias Paraguay

Soooo Paraguay is a weird place!

It took 10 hours to get to my area! Then when we got to Ciudad Del Este we toured it all day, and ate pizza hut! that was good! and then I met my comp! he is 20 years old, from Santiago Chile, the area of my boy swaggy p! anyways they call our pension the pent house because its pretty nice! I like it here so far, but fetching Guaraní is EVERYWHERE. I cannot speak a lick of it yet. I can kinda say some phrases, but its a break off of Chinese slightly and has NO relation to Spanish, but I will learn! there is also a ton of Portuguese! My comp (Elder is really nice, but he talks to himself a lot, and that’s kinda awkward! I do have a BURGER KING in my area though so that’s like bde. and I can text Elder Eddenfield, and Elder Thomas quite a bit and call them now because were in the same country!!:) I can already tell my Spanish is getting better every second, seeing that its the only way to communicate with my comp or anyone for that matter!:)

Thank you all so much for your support and love! 🙂 I can truly feel it!!!:) Also shout to the council keep doing your thing homies! 🙂

RoHyHu!:) (I love you in guarni)

Week 18: Eldorado Argentina

I may be Christian, but my machete is not, is not the right attitude. -Pres. Aguiar (elders courm)

Hello folks! my heart has been ripped out today saying bye to the Medina family because they are so so so awesome! Hermano Medina started to cry when he said bye to me, and I couldn’t help but ball. I also had to say bye to Elder Averett he is staying here as ZL, and I will miss him and his guidance deeply. Me and Eddenfield surprisingly are going to the same zone and are pumped!!!! I cannot wait to start the work in Paraguay, and be Senior Companion and have new responsibility!

This explains mine and Elder Averetts friendship perfectly! we have truly become brothers in 6 weeks! He has truly become one of my best friends, and brothers during this time, and has helped me progress more than anyone. I am so lucky and blessed to be able to call him one of my best friends!:)

This explains mine and Elder Averetts friendship perfectly! We have truly become brothers in 6 weeks! He has truly become one of my best friends, and brothers during this time, and has helped me progress more than anyone. I am so lucky and blessed to be able to call him one of my best friends!:)

This week not a ton happened. we taught our investigator Ella from Connecticut, she is 22 and is here teaching English, she’s hot. Anyways, then we had an activity in the plaza with a table and pamphlets then I said screw this, and took out 20 Books of Mormon, and just started walking up to people giving them whole lessons! My comp hates that so he just sat there and took pictures of me and what not! We also got to do service this week, and boy do I love handling a machete! it was so so so much fun! I cannot wait to do service again!

Me playing soccer with some members kids! this house is considered big and nice here! its CRAZY!!! but i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!:)

Me playing soccer with some members kids! This house is considered big and nice here! Its CRAZY!!! But I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!:)

That’s about it, sorry folks. I do wanna bare testimony and witness, that God has a plan for each of us, and that He knows us personally and places us in the situations WE need to grow and learn. I love you allllll!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off to Paraguay I go!!!:)