Week 34: Hernandarias Paraguay


So this week was LOOONG! But I got some good lessons in and that’s all that matters!:) So Wednesday we moved into our new apartment like all day, but I am super glad we were finally able to move, because our old dueño was NUTS!


But anyways we have this super duper cool less active named Gabriel, and I dunno if I have talked about him yet but he is literally awesome!:) like he used to be a counselor to the branch pres, but then he fell away, but his wife is like my favorite person ever, she’s 29, and like hilarious, anyways he came to ward night on Wednesday and he bet me that I couldn’t beat him at picki ball (volleyball with your feet) so I said if I do you have to come to church, so safe to say he came to church;) hahah he is so so so cool though!:) And then we have an investigator named Maria and her husband is like nuts I guess, like he gets super jealous and like wants to kill us, but she came to church Sunday which was AWESOME!!:)

We have been working with members a ton lately, but we work with Hermana Ruth more than anyone (she just finished her mission papers) and I just have a lot of fun throwing her and my comp into situations, because neither of them really know what to do or say, and then I have to save the day! 🙂

But on Sunday it rained super duper hard, so we went and did our regular visits, and what not, and then around 9:20 we were walking back and I see a guy stuck in a super big hill of mud, so I go help him, and we end up pushing his motorcycle for a good mile up hill in mid calf deep mud, it was so fun!:) my favorite thing to do nowadays is just walk up to people and take things from their hands and do it for them! For example if I see someone raking that’s now my rake, and I go ham, so I see some lady with an ax and I’m like ahh yeah this is all me, so I get all up in there and start cutting down this tree, and it was the funnest thing ever, I am becoming more Paraguayan daily!:)

We were leaving Ruth’s house another night, and I just had a feeling we should go to Marcia and Gabriel’s, and we get there and I see Gabriel climbing this power pole like a monkey, and going hard, so I was like that’s super impressive, so we start helping him, and it was just super cool to see the spirit guide me to someone!:)

I hope you all have a great week, and remember to do you no matter what the haters are saying:) I love you all! Also read Habakkuk in the OT, its super good, and Revelations chapter 3! Remember whatever trial you are facing, you can overcome it!!:)

And we got to borrow a members bikes for a day and it was super awesome!!:)

And we got to borrow a members bikes for a day and it was super awesome!!:)


Also I got my leather scripture cases back finally, and a guy in our area can make things super good with wood, so I had him make me some wood cases too:)




Week 33: Hernandarias Paraguay

How can you look up and say there is not a god?

Hello folks! This was a strange week, as I started it off with a trip to the capital of Paraguay which is Asuncion, that was a super long trip, but in the end we got to go to the temple, which is always always always a treat!!:) There is always such a sweet spirit on temple grounds, and I miss it so so so much, as this is the only chance I will have to see a temple of the Lord in my 2 year mission!:) We did that Tuesday to Wednesday night!:)


Thursday: Well our landlord who lives below us, and has his little store below us lately has had a gun at night outside and drunk (which is very illegal to have a gun here) and we have a member who is in the police and I guess our landlord is a drug dealer, so we called president and we found a new apartment, but now president isn’t too sure if he wants us to move or not, so safe to say I am very bugged with everyone in our office, because its not fun coming home to a drunk man pointing a gun at you, I can tell you that much, so we will see what happens this week! Besides that Thursday was super quiet, we went to a members house and planned a lessons with Ruth and her brother Charlie, that was super fun, especially because Ruth has all of her papers done, and is sending them in this week, so its always fun to work with future missionaries, especially her, because she is super smart with the scriptures, right now we are just trying to get people in the branch to help her with the money side!

After that we went to the house of a member, because his wife isn’t a member and hates the church, and we asked her for water, we tried to talk to her but she just kept saying, drink your water please, and then I asked if I could practice singing a hymn, and she freaked out and said no.. so that was sad!

Friday: Friday we were out contacting and had some good lessons, but the ones I loved came at night, we went and visited less actives with Ruth, and then had a lesson with one of our investigators named Jose, with Charlie, we went to get Charlie, and he wasn’t there so we just went to the lesson anyways, then when we were finishing up he showed up, and was able to bare his testimony and it was super strong, and awesome, even though he did do it in Guaraní!!

Saturday: we were stuck helping other elders move and stuff

Sunday: We went to church, and we had 3 less actives there and 2 investigators! it was so so nice to see progress, one of our less actives Nelson is 16 years old, and has now came to church 6 times making him not less active anymore, so that was like so so cool! I have been working with him my whole time here!:)

Me and Elder Christansen, he is from Woods Cross, and we have become super good friends!!:)

Me and Elder Christansen, he is from Woods Cross, and we have become super good friends!!:)

Also, our zone leader I super duper rude to us, and hates us, and I am sick and tired of having bad zone leaders, he got mad at us for talking to each other about our families, and friends, and things that are “irrelevant” well sorry, if I’m preaching about families, I will talk about mine, and if its what gets me through a bad day, I will talk about my friends, who are also serving the Lord, he just makes all sorts of accusations up, and tries to get us in trouble and its super annoying, so if I come home anytime soon, its for punching him in the face. 🙂

All I have to say, is the BOM is the BEST! I am starting to read it again, and it is just the best!:) It brings such a special spirit to any room, or situation! 🙂 also if you could keep a man named Gabriel in your prayers I would appreciate it, he is the husband of one of our best members, and he is less active, and she told us we are the first missionaries since his baptism that he will even give water to, we have became super good friend, and he now gives us lunch 2 times a week, he just is scared to come back to church because he’s done things he shouldn’t have, so if you could just keep him in your prayers I would love that!:) I love you all so much!:)


Me at the Doctor getting a super hot light on me, like one you would use for french fries

Me at the Doctor getting a super hot light on me, like one you would use for french fries

Week 32: Hernandarias Paraguay

Happy, Happy, Happy 🙂


GOOD MORNING!:)) I hope all is well in the beautiful United States, or wherever you could possibly be reading this!:) All is well here in Paraguay, and all is hot as well! 🙂 This was a very slow week, filled with random crap we had to do around the branch, and around the zone to help out! I would like to start with my random fact of the day: Our church here almost burnt down due to an electrical fire, and it was super nuts! Hahah we were preparing for ward night, and we were setting up a volleyball net outside, when all of the sudden smoke was just flying outta the church, so we go in like what’s happening? and then we see fire, and we freak out, and I run out and turn off the electricity, and then it died down luckily, but things could have escalated very quickly!


Anyways honestly not TOO much happened this week, but we did as always have some fun experiences, and my favorite was visiting members just getting to know them, and all that stuff! We are starting a new HUGE push to work with members, and to try to strengthen branches, and wards, and all that, which here in my area is a struggle, as I basically run the church, I direct sacrament meeting, bless the sacrament, give talks, coordinate activities, teach young men’s and gospel doctrines, but I have learned so so so much while doing it. It will be a hard, long road to get my little branch self sufficient, but when done, it will be a glorious thing! 🙂


One thing I have learned from the mish is to not go into projects, lessons, games, anything thinking of all the challenges, or the hard things, but go in thinking about how amazing the end results could be, and this is some advice that could help in all aspects of life, relationships, jobs, interviews, ANYTHING! So what I am saying is this, give it 100% 100% of the time, and have NO regrets! I know that if we can all live like this, we will be happy, and more successful in living up to our full potential! 🙂


I am trying to think of other cool things that happened this week, but as I said it was a very slow week! 🙂 But we did have 3 solid RUN ins with drunk people, and in the end of all 3, we got beer thrown at us, and then chased, its kinda super entertaining:)

S/O to the council doin your thing in the various parts of the world (England, Tennessee, Cape Verde, Brazil, Chile) keep doin you!

Also S/O to the HUGE shot I got right in my butt to take my back pain away! haha, the doctor told me that’s what he wanted to do, and I called the mission nurse, all sorts of panicked because I had to like pull my pants down for this nurse chick to shove a needle in my butt! haha all I have to say is US hospitals are ALOT better!


Another S/O to setting daily “Be” goals, such as “Be Happy” “Be Patient” “Be diligent” “Be loving” they are helping me BECOME a better person, and prepare for the future such as college, marriage, kicking butt in fantasy football, and all those goods! 🙂


I love you all soo sooo much, and am beyond grateful for your support!:)

Do something this week, to help someone else! #KLH 🙂
-KingBrayd 🙂

Week 31: Hernandarias Paraguay

The garbage here stinks really bad.


THE MOMENT OF TRUTH, IS MY NEW COMPANION (MY SON) AMERICAN OR BROWN????? He is WHITE, and from Idaho, so its super fun having a Gringo comp again! We get along super well!:)

Anyways so this week was supa weird because we had a free day Tuesday, because Zuñiga left the area so we went to Itaipu (a huge dam thing) and then we left at 1 AM for Posadas ( I had to go get my son ) which traveling there sucks, because its like 6 hours in a crappy bus, and its hot, but then when we got there, in Encarnacion I was left in charge by Elder Farnsworth ( ZL of Encarnacion ) of the terminal, and managing missionaries and all that crap, and it was NUTS, there were so many missionaries coming and going, and getting them on the right bus and everything seemed impossible, but we got it done, so then I went with Elders Reid and Worthington (new ZL´s of Encarnacion because Elder Farnsworth left to Iguaçu ) and stayed with them that night, and what not, it was super fun, and chill:)


So then I got my son Elder Russell, and we came back to our area on Thursday night, and slept, Friday the ZL´s put us in charge of coordinating the transportation of some furniture so we had to find a truck and all that jazz, and then we went to Claudia’s house, we had a SUPER spiritual lesson, she was crying and it was awesome, we were just trying to reassure her of baptism, and that the holy ghost will help her, and gods love, and then we gave her a blessing, and she seemed to like it, its so so so cool to be an instrument in the hands of god to help his children!

ANYWAYS, that’s about it, y’all should read the teachings of the prophet books like the ones of the individual prophets, they’re super cool, and you learn so much and will strengthen your testimony in the GIFT of having modern day prophets, I love you all!!:)

-@KingBrayd 🙂


Week 30: Hernandarias Paraguay

What a Roller Coaster!! 🙂


So first off TRANSFER DAY! I will be training a brand new missionary here in Hernandarias, so I am hyped for that!! 🙂 ANYWAYS.. so we finally got back to our area on Wednesday, which after 3 weeks was great to be back in my own area apartment, etc. Anyways Friday was a bad day, as I got robbed at knife point, which is never ever fun and is actually very very very scary, but the Lord blessed me in SO SO many other ways this week its incredible!

SOOO this week we (me and Elder Merrell on divisions) went to this country club looking for something for lunch, there were like 30 places to eat, but they were all closed for the nap during the day, so we searched for 3 hours, and found a little empanada joint with great empanadas. Anyways, we get talking to the lady, and she asking ALL the right questions, then she says she has had a Book of Mormon for years, and invites us to her house (in the super secure country club) so we go in, and I kid you not I have never seen so so so many Lamborghini’s and million dollar houses ever. I swear it was incredible, like mind boggling. Anyways she takes us to her house, and tells us everything she wants and I am just throwing the BOM around and what not, and we give her a baptismal date, and she starts asking what she has to buy for church, if she can pay tithing and everything. it was incredible. I have known her for 3 days and I love her so much! She calls like 3 times a day with questions and everything. What a huge blessing for me in this area! Here’s a link to pictures of the houses in there!


Anyways second HUGE blessing, we have been giving this 7 year old in a less active family the lessons for a while now, and HE GOT BAPTIZED! what a privilege it was for me  to baptize little Lucas, we reactivated his whole family, and then he chose me to baptize him. What a special special spirit that was! 🙂



Also shout out to my mom because she’s beautiful, and amazing, and I love her so much, and my dad because he’s getting old and fat, and is my best friend, and my brother because he’s my Matt-Man, and super hero, and my sister because she’s awesome, beautiful, and a mom, and my brother in law for showing me how to treat a woman, and make a girl out of your league your wife, and my nephew for being a KING! And my cousins the Hufstlers for sending me so many awesome emails anSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESd letters and things to help me teach! I love you all so so much!!


The food in the picture is rice and beans, its Brazilian, and its the best, called fachoo? That’s how it’s pronounced! 🙂



Week 29: Hernandarias Paraguay

RIP: Stuart Scott – “Cooler than the other side of the pillow.”

Another week… in Argentina, because ya know they’re nuts and don’t want me to go back to Paraguay, but it was still  a good week!:) We had some cool lessons, and what not, but the best is we were walking and some guy walks up and says in english Drunk, so were like this should be fun, and we start talking, and we ask if he wants a BOm and he says I already have the triple, so were like wait what, and he goes off about how he teaches the 12 Apostles, and all that, but the best part is he says who’s your leader of you 3, and I say me, because I am the senior comp of us, and he says well  your girlfriend is going to dear john you, and then he ran away screaming like a black man after his homie has a sick dunk! So that was hilarious!


Other than that it was a chill week, we have a lot of fun always, and just make everything a joke, to help us get through the days!!:)
I will probably be here another week, because Argentina hates me or loves me. I don’t really know yet, but I know everything happens for a reason, so I am content here!:)
Thank you all so so much for your support!!:)
So the pictures: the one of the big tin thing, is a huge guy drinking mate, the weird herbal tea here, that’s strange, and the other is just us chilling!:)
ALSO, OREGON. nuff said folks.

Week 28: Hernandarias Paraguay

Swaggy Christmas Swag. lol

Hello Everyone!! This week was Christmasssss, and it honestly felt nothing like Christmas, because ya know everyone here is drunk, high and do nothing everyday, so it was just a normalish day! Not too much happened this week, but i am still stuck in Posadas with Elder Thomas for another week so, that makes me pretty happy! This week was weird with the holiday, but we did find some pretty cool investigators, and ya know got told we are spies from the cia, and that the USA just wants his individual information so they can control him or something like that. but i will keep this short, because swag. i love you all.


Week 27: Hernandarias Paraguay

Ho Ho Ho… also t-minus 3 days til Skype 🙂


Well it was a BIG week in Paraguay, as I hit my 6 month mark! Which means I got to burn a tie! 🙂 I cannot believe I have been out this long, when you lose yourself in the work, the time FLIES!


The same day I hit my 6 month mark was the day of our Christmas activity for the mish! It was super fun, as all the homies were there ( Eddenfield, Mahoney, and some others) but we did something a little out of the ordinary, we partook of the sacrament! it literally was the neatest spirit I have ever felt in my life! There were about 50 missionaries, and it was the first time in my mission I have been able to actually focus on the sacrament, because normally there are people yelling and screaming, and kids running around playing soccer and all that jazz, so it was super cool to feel that spirit so strongly in remembrance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


After that we did some games, but then our Pres. dressed up like Santa and the APs like elves, and his wife like Mrs. Clause, and gave out presents, it was so so so funny!


Our president is the man to say the least! Friday we had a branch Christmas party thing, which I organized and set up for and ran and did everything for. That’s one thing I miss. the relief society, and a self sufficient ward. I feel like no one here has any sense of responsibility, or work ethic, or drive. It makes it hard to run a branch, and preach the gospel all at the same time, but I am learning so so so much! Which in all honest is why I am here, to learn and grow while serving others!

Anyways I will keep this short bc I am in Posada’s for paperwork I love you all


Week 26: Hernandarias Paraguay

“RISE UP, and become the person YOU were meant to be.” -Elder Uchtdorf

WHAT A WEEK! So anyways this week me and Elder Eddenfield did a little challenge to see who could get the most “other lessons” which is just any lesson with an investigator without a member present, so like contacting and what not, but to be a lesson it has to have a starting and ending prayer and be 15 min long, and if you don’t feel the spirit then it doesn’t count, because THE SPIRIT IS EVERYTHING! So anyways the norm of the mission is around 12 to 14 a week, and my goal was 30, so going into it I knew we would have to work our butts off! Anyways we worked and worked and worked and worked some more, and ended up with 29! Which I am very very happy with! That is an amazing number for one week, and it was so so so much fun! I was literally trying everything to get into houses and my favorite method became! “Hey I am from America, and my comp is not, are you from America?” and then they say no of course, and then I say well crap, I can’t talk to ya then, and then they just start laughing up a storm, and then we get a lesson!


We have these new cards for christmas the Jesus is the gift movement, and it is so fun to teach about, especially because I swear that EVERYONE here is catholic, so its entertaining! But on saturday I was doing splits with Elder Merrell, and I was showing him some new contacting things, and some guy came out, and I was just super happy and everything (if you know me, you will understand that’s normal) and then we started to talk about catholics, and he looked at some old dirty fence post, breathed on it, and then shined it ( like you would to a window) and fell to his knees and started worshipping it, then he said No I am not a crazy catholic who worships anything and everything, safe to say I LOST IT!  It was so so so funny!

Also this same exact day, it rained harder than hard. We were swimming in water past our knees, I kid you not! It was so so wet! All our stuff was so extremely wet! IT WAS AWESOME!:) I absolutely love the fact that I live in Paraguay! IT’S SO SO SO AMAZING HERE! IT’S SO SO BEAUTIFUL HERE!:)

Ding Dong

Anyways I wanna talk about goals and that for a second! I used to hate goals, but NOW I LOVE THEM! I would never be able top get 30 lessons in a week, but that was our goal, and we were able to PLAN accordingly every single day to achieve our goal! What an amazing lesson that was for me, I mean I have always had the goal of being some type of doctor (Orthopedic, Neurologist, Cardiologist or Radiologist)  but now I have realized that is my long term goal, but what do Ii have to do in the short term? Well first I will finish my mission with NO REGRETS, I don’t wanna look back on life with regrets of my mission, I will work every single second of every single day, because 2 years is only 2 years, no matter how you look at it. Next I will get home, and go straight to work, school, and studies, that’s first for sure. I mean finding a wife is somewhere in there, but who wants to marry someone who doesn’t have a job, and isn’t going to school? I wouldn’t. Next is marriage, and marrying someone who will support me in my goals and ambitions! And after that is just work my butt off to become smart enough! That’s just an example, but you can literally use short to long term goals to achieve ANYTHING! Such as eternal life, first is baptism and the holy ghost, next is temple, and within it all is Enduring to the end, So you can make small goals, such as temple marriage, and then set smaller goals, such as only date people with good values, and then another goal, is make sure I know my values, things such as this will make ALL the difference in your whole life, I promise you that!

Anyways that’s about all I got for ya this week! Sorry for rambling on about goals for a good 30 minutes! Also everyone everyone read John 14, and remember that Jesus says he will not leave us comfortless, and that he did send the holy ghost! don’t forget that you are NEVER alone in ANYTHING! I know that with all of my heart! I feel so so so alone sometimes, and so stuck in my own thoughts, because I will admit it, living with a guy who walks around talking to himself all day and then until about 4 in the morning can feel a little lonely, in the middle of Paraguay, but then I just pray to have strength, and comfort to carry on so I can achieve my goal of serving a worthy, full-time mission. I invite you all to pray for help, strength and comfort, and I promise YOU WILL receive it!

I Like Turtles
Anyways I love you all, almost as much as I love Paraguay, but not near as much as I love being a missionary!
Elder Brayd 🙂