Week 33: Hernandarias Paraguay

How can you look up and say there is not a god?

Hello folks! This was a strange week, as I started it off with a trip to the capital of Paraguay which is Asuncion, that was a super long trip, but in the end we got to go to the temple, which is always always always a treat!!:) There is always such a sweet spirit on temple grounds, and I miss it so so so much, as this is the only chance I will have to see a temple of the Lord in my 2 year mission!:) We did that Tuesday to Wednesday night!:)


Thursday: Well our landlord who lives below us, and has his little store below us lately has had a gun at night outside and drunk (which is very illegal to have a gun here) and we have a member who is in the police and I guess our landlord is a drug dealer, so we called president and we found a new apartment, but now president isn’t too sure if he wants us to move or not, so safe to say I am very bugged with everyone in our office, because its not fun coming home to a drunk man pointing a gun at you, I can tell you that much, so we will see what happens this week! Besides that Thursday was super quiet, we went to a members house and planned a lessons with Ruth and her brother Charlie, that was super fun, especially because Ruth has all of her papers done, and is sending them in this week, so its always fun to work with future missionaries, especially her, because she is super smart with the scriptures, right now we are just trying to get people in the branch to help her with the money side!

After that we went to the house of a member, because his wife isn’t a member and hates the church, and we asked her for water, we tried to talk to her but she just kept saying, drink your water please, and then I asked if I could practice singing a hymn, and she freaked out and said no.. so that was sad!

Friday: Friday we were out contacting and had some good lessons, but the ones I loved came at night, we went and visited less actives with Ruth, and then had a lesson with one of our investigators named Jose, with Charlie, we went to get Charlie, and he wasn’t there so we just went to the lesson anyways, then when we were finishing up he showed up, and was able to bare his testimony and it was super strong, and awesome, even though he did do it in Guaraní!!

Saturday: we were stuck helping other elders move and stuff

Sunday: We went to church, and we had 3 less actives there and 2 investigators! it was so so nice to see progress, one of our less actives Nelson is 16 years old, and has now came to church 6 times making him not less active anymore, so that was like so so cool! I have been working with him my whole time here!:)

Me and Elder Christansen, he is from Woods Cross, and we have become super good friends!!:)

Me and Elder Christansen, he is from Woods Cross, and we have become super good friends!!:)

Also, our zone leader I super duper rude to us, and hates us, and I am sick and tired of having bad zone leaders, he got mad at us for talking to each other about our families, and friends, and things that are “irrelevant” well sorry, if I’m preaching about families, I will talk about mine, and if its what gets me through a bad day, I will talk about my friends, who are also serving the Lord, he just makes all sorts of accusations up, and tries to get us in trouble and its super annoying, so if I come home anytime soon, its for punching him in the face. 🙂

All I have to say, is the BOM is the BEST! I am starting to read it again, and it is just the best!:) It brings such a special spirit to any room, or situation! 🙂 also if you could keep a man named Gabriel in your prayers I would appreciate it, he is the husband of one of our best members, and he is less active, and she told us we are the first missionaries since his baptism that he will even give water to, we have became super good friend, and he now gives us lunch 2 times a week, he just is scared to come back to church because he’s done things he shouldn’t have, so if you could just keep him in your prayers I would love that!:) I love you all so much!:)


Me at the Doctor getting a super hot light on me, like one you would use for french fries

Me at the Doctor getting a super hot light on me, like one you would use for french fries


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