Week 32: Hernandarias Paraguay

Happy, Happy, Happy πŸ™‚


GOOD MORNING!:)) I hope all is well in the beautiful United States, or wherever you could possibly be reading this!:) All is well here in Paraguay, and all is hot as well! πŸ™‚ This was a very slow week, filled with random crap we had to do around the branch, and around the zone to help out! I would like to start with my random fact of the day: Our church here almost burnt down due to an electrical fire, and it was super nuts! Hahah we were preparing for ward night, and we were setting up a volleyball net outside, when all of the sudden smoke was just flying outta the church, so we go in like what’s happening? and then we see fire, and we freak out, and I run out and turn off the electricity, and then it died down luckily, but things could have escalated very quickly!


Anyways honestly not TOO much happened this week, but we did as always have some fun experiences, and my favorite was visiting members just getting to know them, and all that stuff! We are starting a new HUGE push to work with members, and to try to strengthen branches, and wards, and all that, which here in my area is a struggle, as I basically run the church, I direct sacrament meeting, bless the sacrament, give talks, coordinate activities, teach young men’s and gospel doctrines, but I have learned so so so much while doing it. It will be a hard, long road to get my little branch self sufficient, but when done, it will be a glorious thing! πŸ™‚


One thing I have learned from the mish is to not go into projects, lessons, games, anything thinking of all the challenges, or the hard things, but go in thinking about how amazing the end results could be, and this is some advice that could help in all aspects of life, relationships, jobs, interviews, ANYTHING! So what I am saying is this, give it 100% 100% of the time, and have NO regrets! I know that if we can all live like this, we will be happy, and more successful in living up to our full potential! πŸ™‚


I am trying to think of other cool things that happened this week, but as I said it was a very slow week! πŸ™‚ But we did have 3 solid RUN ins with drunk people, and in the end of all 3, we got beer thrown at us, and then chased, its kinda super entertaining:)

S/O to the council doin your thing in the various parts of the world (England, Tennessee, Cape Verde, Brazil, Chile) keep doin you!

Also S/O to the HUGE shot I got right in my butt to take my back pain away! haha, the doctor told me that’s what he wanted to do, and I called the mission nurse, all sorts of panicked because I had to like pull my pants down for this nurse chick to shove a needle in my butt! haha all I have to say is US hospitals are ALOT better!


Another S/O to setting daily “Be” goals, such as “Be Happy” “Be Patient” “Be diligent” “Be loving” they are helping me BECOME a better person, and prepare for the future such as college, marriage, kicking butt in fantasy football, and all those goods! πŸ™‚


I love you all soo sooo much, and am beyond grateful for your support!:)

Do something this week, to help someone else!Β #KLH πŸ™‚
-KingBrayd πŸ™‚


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