Week 30: Hernandarias Paraguay

What a Roller Coaster!! 🙂


So first off TRANSFER DAY! I will be training a brand new missionary here in Hernandarias, so I am hyped for that!! 🙂 ANYWAYS.. so we finally got back to our area on Wednesday, which after 3 weeks was great to be back in my own area apartment, etc. Anyways Friday was a bad day, as I got robbed at knife point, which is never ever fun and is actually very very very scary, but the Lord blessed me in SO SO many other ways this week its incredible!

SOOO this week we (me and Elder Merrell on divisions) went to this country club looking for something for lunch, there were like 30 places to eat, but they were all closed for the nap during the day, so we searched for 3 hours, and found a little empanada joint with great empanadas. Anyways, we get talking to the lady, and she asking ALL the right questions, then she says she has had a Book of Mormon for years, and invites us to her house (in the super secure country club) so we go in, and I kid you not I have never seen so so so many Lamborghini’s and million dollar houses ever. I swear it was incredible, like mind boggling. Anyways she takes us to her house, and tells us everything she wants and I am just throwing the BOM around and what not, and we give her a baptismal date, and she starts asking what she has to buy for church, if she can pay tithing and everything. it was incredible. I have known her for 3 days and I love her so much! She calls like 3 times a day with questions and everything. What a huge blessing for me in this area! Here’s a link to pictures of the houses in there!


Anyways second HUGE blessing, we have been giving this 7 year old in a less active family the lessons for a while now, and HE GOT BAPTIZED! what a privilege it was for me  to baptize little Lucas, we reactivated his whole family, and then he chose me to baptize him. What a special special spirit that was! 🙂



Also shout out to my mom because she’s beautiful, and amazing, and I love her so much, and my dad because he’s getting old and fat, and is my best friend, and my brother because he’s my Matt-Man, and super hero, and my sister because she’s awesome, beautiful, and a mom, and my brother in law for showing me how to treat a woman, and make a girl out of your league your wife, and my nephew for being a KING! And my cousins the Hufstlers for sending me so many awesome emails anSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESd letters and things to help me teach! I love you all so so much!!


The food in the picture is rice and beans, its Brazilian, and its the best, called fachoo? That’s how it’s pronounced! 🙂




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