Week 29: Hernandarias Paraguay

RIP: Stuart Scott – “Cooler than the other side of the pillow.”

Another week… in Argentina, because ya know they’re nuts and don’t want me to go back to Paraguay, but it was still  a good week!:) We had some cool lessons, and what not, but the best is we were walking and some guy walks up and says in english Drunk, so were like this should be fun, and we start talking, and we ask if he wants a BOm and he says I already have the triple, so were like wait what, and he goes off about how he teaches the 12 Apostles, and all that, but the best part is he says who’s your leader of you 3, and I say me, because I am the senior comp of us, and he says well  your girlfriend is going to dear john you, and then he ran away screaming like a black man after his homie has a sick dunk! So that was hilarious!


Other than that it was a chill week, we have a lot of fun always, and just make everything a joke, to help us get through the days!!:)
I will probably be here another week, because Argentina hates me or loves me. I don’t really know yet, but I know everything happens for a reason, so I am content here!:)
Thank you all so so much for your support!!:)
So the pictures: the one of the big tin thing, is a huge guy drinking mate, the weird herbal tea here, that’s strange, and the other is just us chilling!:)
ALSO, OREGON. nuff said folks.

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