Week 27: Hernandarias Paraguay

Ho Ho Ho… also t-minus 3 days til Skype 🙂


Well it was a BIG week in Paraguay, as I hit my 6 month mark! Which means I got to burn a tie! 🙂 I cannot believe I have been out this long, when you lose yourself in the work, the time FLIES!


The same day I hit my 6 month mark was the day of our Christmas activity for the mish! It was super fun, as all the homies were there ( Eddenfield, Mahoney, and some others) but we did something a little out of the ordinary, we partook of the sacrament! it literally was the neatest spirit I have ever felt in my life! There were about 50 missionaries, and it was the first time in my mission I have been able to actually focus on the sacrament, because normally there are people yelling and screaming, and kids running around playing soccer and all that jazz, so it was super cool to feel that spirit so strongly in remembrance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


After that we did some games, but then our Pres. dressed up like Santa and the APs like elves, and his wife like Mrs. Clause, and gave out presents, it was so so so funny!


Our president is the man to say the least! Friday we had a branch Christmas party thing, which I organized and set up for and ran and did everything for. That’s one thing I miss. the relief society, and a self sufficient ward. I feel like no one here has any sense of responsibility, or work ethic, or drive. It makes it hard to run a branch, and preach the gospel all at the same time, but I am learning so so so much! Which in all honest is why I am here, to learn and grow while serving others!

Anyways I will keep this short bc I am in Posada’s for paperwork I love you all



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