Week 26: Hernandarias Paraguay

“RISE UP, and become the person YOU were meant to be.” -Elder Uchtdorf

WHAT A WEEK! So anyways this week me and Elder Eddenfield did a little challenge to see who could get the most “other lessons” which is just any lesson with an investigator without a member present, so like contacting and what not, but to be a lesson it has to have a starting and ending prayer and be 15 min long, and if you don’t feel the spirit then it doesn’t count, because THE SPIRIT IS EVERYTHING! So anyways the norm of the mission is around 12 to 14 a week, and my goal was 30, so going into it I knew we would have to work our butts off! Anyways we worked and worked and worked and worked some more, and ended up with 29! Which I am very very happy with! That is an amazing number for one week, and it was so so so much fun! I was literally trying everything to get into houses and my favorite method became! “Hey I am from America, and my comp is not, are you from America?” and then they say no of course, and then I say well crap, I can’t talk to ya then, and then they just start laughing up a storm, and then we get a lesson!


We have these new cards for christmas the Jesus is the gift movement, and it is so fun to teach about, especially because I swear that EVERYONE here is catholic, so its entertaining! But on saturday I was doing splits with Elder Merrell, and I was showing him some new contacting things, and some guy came out, and I was just super happy and everything (if you know me, you will understand that’s normal) and then we started to talk about catholics, and he looked at some old dirty fence post, breathed on it, and then shined it ( like you would to a window) and fell to his knees and started worshipping it, then he said No I am not a crazy catholic who worships anything and everything, safe to say I LOST IT!  It was so so so funny!

Also this same exact day, it rained harder than hard. We were swimming in water past our knees, I kid you not! It was so so wet! All our stuff was so extremely wet! IT WAS AWESOME!:) I absolutely love the fact that I live in Paraguay! IT’S SO SO SO AMAZING HERE! IT’S SO SO BEAUTIFUL HERE!:)

Ding Dong

Anyways I wanna talk about goals and that for a second! I used to hate goals, but NOW I LOVE THEM! I would never be able top get 30 lessons in a week, but that was our goal, and we were able to PLAN accordingly every single day to achieve our goal! What an amazing lesson that was for me, I mean I have always had the goal of being some type of doctor (Orthopedic, Neurologist, Cardiologist or Radiologist)  but now I have realized that is my long term goal, but what do Ii have to do in the short term? Well first I will finish my mission with NO REGRETS, I don’t wanna look back on life with regrets of my mission, I will work every single second of every single day, because 2 years is only 2 years, no matter how you look at it. Next I will get home, and go straight to work, school, and studies, that’s first for sure. I mean finding a wife is somewhere in there, but who wants to marry someone who doesn’t have a job, and isn’t going to school? I wouldn’t. Next is marriage, and marrying someone who will support me in my goals and ambitions! And after that is just work my butt off to become smart enough! That’s just an example, but you can literally use short to long term goals to achieve ANYTHING! Such as eternal life, first is baptism and the holy ghost, next is temple, and within it all is Enduring to the end, So you can make small goals, such as temple marriage, and then set smaller goals, such as only date people with good values, and then another goal, is make sure I know my values, things such as this will make ALL the difference in your whole life, I promise you that!

Anyways that’s about all I got for ya this week! Sorry for rambling on about goals for a good 30 minutes! Also everyone everyone read John 14, and remember that Jesus says he will not leave us comfortless, and that he did send the holy ghost! don’t forget that you are NEVER alone in ANYTHING! I know that with all of my heart! I feel so so so alone sometimes, and so stuck in my own thoughts, because I will admit it, living with a guy who walks around talking to himself all day and then until about 4 in the morning can feel a little lonely, in the middle of Paraguay, but then I just pray to have strength, and comfort to carry on so I can achieve my goal of serving a worthy, full-time mission. I invite you all to pray for help, strength and comfort, and I promise YOU WILL receive it!

I Like Turtles
Anyways I love you all, almost as much as I love Paraguay, but not near as much as I love being a missionary!
Elder Brayd 🙂

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