Week 24: Hernandarias Paraguay

Feliz dia de gracias.. I mean wait, they don’t do that here…awkward


HAPPY THANKSGIVING FOLKS! While y’all were watching football, and gaining some weight I was sweating worse than I have in my whole life ever! SUMMER is starting here, and it probably will be a long one! it is hitting mid 90´s which may or may not sound too bad, but then the humidity is mid 90’s as well, which may or may not be killer. Anyways!

So we have this investigator named Aracley, and she is 17 and has came to church over 20 times, but they could never get permission to baptize her from her dad, so I come in here all guns a blazin’ and what not and get her permission, so now she can be baptized, BUT she is moving to Brazil so she can’t get baptized after 5 months of trying! So that really put a damper on my day! I bible bashed with her dad for a good hour and finally got him to understand that JESUS was baptized, and it is a commandment, and that in Matthew we learn about the authority you have to have from God to do things and yada yada, but now it doesn’t matter!

MY FAVORITE thing is to get in discussions with Catholics about why we shouldn’t pray to the Virgin Mary to Jesus to God, and I love love love it, because I know my bible now, which means I can bash, so I just start pulling out every time Jesus says ask the Father in my name and it will be given to you, and how Mary had other children, and how she was unpure for 2 weeks, and how yeah she was a stud and all, but we shouldn’t put her statue in little houses in front of our house and what not! so yeah!


Anyways on Friday we were out tracting and I have been PRAYING PRAYING and PRAYING to find a family that we can baptize and everything, and then my prayers were somewhat answered! I saw a lady and some kids digging in their yard, and thought I can dig! So I walk up and say hey can I help you ( in Guaraní to gain some respect:)) and she said no! and I said please I need to practice so I can get married one day! and she said well women do like men who can work! So she let me! And then I started talking to her, and what not! She is a solo mom. and has 6 kids all over the age of 10! she is Evangelical but not active, and she was like where does it talk about all this in the Bible? and I said well I can show ya! so I started explain everything to her about how it talks all about it in the bible with the stick of Ephraim and all that! So she LOVED it! the best part is THEY ALL CAME TO CHURCH! What a great day!!!:)

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE being a missionary is what its all boils down to!!!:) I have so so so many cool experiences everyday! Even the bad experiences are still so so so cool to look back on and think WOW I made it through that!:) I promise you, as Jesus promised Joseph Smith, that your tribulations will be but a second in the grand scheme of things! JUST PRAY AND.. PRAY.. and FAST! 🙂 There are so many simple, yet beautiful truths in the gospel that we have, there is no reason to not be happy!!!:)


I love you all so so so much, and I am so very very blessed to have your support! 🙂 ALSO all of you read the bible! Just start with the New Testament, because I will admit it the old test is kinda boring, but its super deep! And while reading you will start to think, man didn’t I already read this, and the chances are you have because the 4 gospels basically repeat themselves (besides John, he just kinda does his own thing) BUT I promise you every time you read the same parable or the same healing or something your faith WILL grow, and so will your TESTIMONY! I love the BOM and all, but my testimony has grown so so so much by reading the Bible, so I invite you all to read it as well!!!:) Once again I love you all,!!!:)


Now is the time to become
So after church yesterday a member who is 18 years old was like hey can I talk you, and I was like of course! So she starts to tell me how her boyfriend did all this crap to her, like cheated on her and broke her heart (she is completely bawling), and starts to say how she wishes she could find a nice guy like me who is doing something with their life, and won’t hurt her, and then instantly I start to get overwhelmed with tears, and started pouring out to her how I was so stupid with girls and everything, and yeah… so I have decided now is the time to change! Now is the time to change everything! To be smarter, stronger, bigger, have a stronger testimony, better knowledge of the scriptures! Now is the time for me to BECOME who I need to be! I will NOT come home early, I will NOT let a day pass with out doing EVERYTHING I can to BECOME! NOW IS THE TIME! I know that through hard work, study, and prayer I can BECOME the man I NEED to be! I invite you all to try to BECOME who you need to be!



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