Week 23: Hernandarias Paraguay

“Get thee hence satan” – Jesus Christ

Hello folks! another GREAT week here in Hernandarias!:) This email wont be TOO long, because I don’t have much time!:) But this week I finally decided to not care what my companion says and took a different approach to our companionship, which by that I mean… I WORKED HIM TO DEATH, I DROPPED CANE ON ANY RULE BREAKING, I was very stern, and he was mad at me more than 90% of the week, but we made a lot of progress, and I feel that he will be a better missionary because of it! One thing I have learned from Elder Eddenfield that has helped me a lot, is don’t let his disobedience ruin yours, and that I can’t be afraid to drop cane and be the bad guy!

Elder Nielsen and Santa

Everyone always told me “You will make life long friends on the mission and what not” and I was like ya right, I will be with people who aren’t named Brink, Zac, Connan, Jace, Mike, Paden! but then I met Dallen Eddenfield, and he has become a brother to me! We push each other to be better everyday in everything! I love that dude!

Anyways we had some cool experiences with less actives this week! So first off when ya buy a coke here it comes in a glass bottle most of the time, and so I took that and cleaned it and bought candies and wrote a number on them! each number correlated to a gospel principle, and then played spin the bottle, and whoever it landed on dumped out a candy, and then had to share about that topic such as (first vision, Book of Mormon, why we are here, and things like that) just simple things, and it was shocking to see that these people who had been members for over 10, 20, 30 years couldn’t answer, so then I do my favorite thing and whip out the bible and drop a little cane by using the words of Christ, which actually resulted in 3 less actives at church which always feels good to see some fruits from your labors!I learned that not only obedience, but willing happy obedience is the key! YOU WILL RECIEVE BLESSINGS! Obedience is a huge thing for my Mom as well, which also reminds me what I need to do here to become the best missionary I can be!

Elder Mahoney, Elder Nielsen, Elder Eddenfield

ALSO one day we went to the area of some other elders to try and find a map of our city, and it rained so so so hard we couldn’t leave! we were walking in water up to our knees! it was NUTZ! No taxis or anyone would drive, so we were stuck there which was fun! I was with Elder Merrill who has one less transfer than I, and we just talked and reminisced about our lives before!

Elder Nielsen and Elder Eddenfield

GET THEE HENCE SATAN – Matthew 4:10! What I have learned as a missionary is something I wish I would have learned sooner, but everyone thinks missionaries aren’t tempted they’re perfect yaddayadayada, but we are, a lot, and my new favorite thing to say is “Get thee hence satan” and I just yell it! and no one has a clue what I am saying bc I live in Paraguay like 2 minutes from the brazil border, and it truly works folks, when in doubt get satan out! also.. DON’T DO STUPID THINGS!

Okay that is all I love you all and hope y’all had a great week, also in the words of Elder Eddenfield, WOOOOOW (in a very sincere happy voice), my sister is going to have a baby soon.

Me and the homie Dallen Eddenfield straight postin, boi!:)

Me and the homie Dallen Eddenfield straight postin, boi!:)



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