Week 22: Hernandarias Paraguay


This week weeennnntttt by supa fast! Tuesday was super duper rainy, and so that just makes it so much harder to have success, and what not, but we did meet with some investigators, and that’s always a good time. I love teaching people, its just so entertaining, some of the questions and things people say kill me.


Elder Eddenfield, Sister La Pierre, President La Pierre, Elder Nielsen

Elder Eddenfield, Sister La Pierre, President La Pierre, Elder Nielsen

Anyways so on Wednesday we had a Zone Conference, which means that president and the AP´s were there, which no one really cares about the AP´s, but when president speaks its just pure inspiration flowing out of a mouth. You can literally ask him any question about anything, and he will tell you exactly what scripture, verse, and what word number to start on, and it will be exactly right no matter what. He is mind blowngly smart. So we have this one investigator who has over 10 church attendances, she is 16, and her dad doesn’t wanna give her permission to be baptized, but I asked president and he said we could email her mom who is in Spain, and is a member, for her permission! So that will be AWESOME if it all works out all right!

Elder Nielsen, Elder Maxwell?, and Elder Eddenfield at Zone Conference

Elder Nielsen, Elder Maxwell?, and Elder Eddenfield at Zone Conference

We have been working with like a zillion less actives, which can be fun, but also a struggle in its self because you know they know that this church is true, or you know they don’t know who Joseph smith was, and you just wanna kill the missionaries who baptized them. So then it becomes a struggle of how to teach them because you don’t wanna offend them by teaching them something they already know, so then I just resort to dropping cane and giving them all of the lessons super slowly until they ask why I am doing it, then I say because clearly the first time wasn’t good enough so were starting from square one.

Nielsen y Investigator

I was confronted with a lot of anti-mormon material this week, and man am I blessed to have just finished Jesus the Christ and had my bible ready, and man did I bash, those J-Dubs (Jehovah’s Witnesses) aint got nothing! they are just a bunch of psychos, and another asked me about my magic underwear and that they watched videos about it on YouTube, and why in the temple we wear different clothing, and he literally acted all of the sacred ordinances we do in the temple. To this I was heartbroken, the lack of respect of people is so ugly. the only thing that it does for me though is build my testimony, because why would satan try to tear down peoples faith if its not the true faith? Why would he try to pull people away from a church that is not correct? Ever since Christ was on the earth there has been persecution, so while it is in different forms today, we should still expect it to be there, and we should still face it as the savior did, with love, compassion, and patience.

Elder Zuñiga and Elder Nielsen

Elder Zuñiga and Elder Nielsen

I know this church is true with all of my heart and soul and life and body and yeah.. also s/o to Joseph Smith for praying in the sacred grove and seeing a vision. In the words of President LaPierre, “If you have a testimony of the first vision then does anything else really matter? Because if he saw a vision then everything else is true.”

On Sunday I had 2 talks I had one in sacrament about the atonement and I dropped cane so hard about atonement, and then like 8 members scheduled meetings with the branch president, and then I gave a devotional about the first vision! it was awesome!

Sorry I don’t have much time right now, as I am heading to central to chill with my brotha Elda Eddenfield, I will be back on later tho to chat it up and what not. remember when in doubt council out.

I love you all!
Ro hay hu!!
Les Quiero todos!
Elder KingBrayd 🙂

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Also follow this link, my comp had to make a video to send to his stake in
Chile, and I was just chilling in the video, and talk a little in the end,
might entertain ya for a minute!:)

Video de Elderes Nielsen y 


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