Week 21: Hernandarias Paraguay

Mbaraka Ovama (Barack Obama) in guarani means “I already moved the guitar”

Okay folks! so I am gonna start this email off a little bit different this beautiful Monday in Paraguay! I just wanna let the homies (Z,Brink,CWALL,JI,PRhees,DirtyMike) know how grateful I am for their examples in my life. I know for a fact that I would not be where I am now, doing what I am doing right now with out them. They were with me through it all, and honestly they are the MOST solid group of guys you will ever meet in your life. I mean c’mon Zac postin in England with his fresh new suit can always even HOURS away make me smile. Brink in Washington has been with me since 6th grade and literally is a member of my family, and my twin not much more to say. CWall is on some island somewhere and he literally probably is one of the most solid, dedicated and smartest people you will ever meet, there are 3 things that are for sure in this world the sky is blue, the church is true, and Connan is sexy-ZAC, then you got Jace to the Iverson in brazil and he has always been the good example to all of us, I think we could have gotten in a lot more trouble and done a lot more stupid things with out him, and he is supa smart and sees the good in EVERYONE. Then PRhees in Chile and if you ever need a good chill time full of super deep conversations give him a call, or if you wanna spend a little cash he is your man as well, I cant count the times me and him went and just got some good food, or hit up the mall. then Mikey the dirty in Tennessee, me and him did more stupid childish things together in one year than anyone should do in your life. he’s my wingman for sure, and old women love him, and disabled people. So what I am saying here is that each of them have super amazing qualities, and I can only hope, pray, and work my butt off to try to come back from my mission as good as they will. I mean they are my competition for the ladies 😉 no but really I am so so so so blessed to have these guys in my life, council for life. El Consejo por vida. Hebrews 13:1.


Anyways gettin on with the week! Tuesday was super chill because it rained a lot! so its super hard to do anything because as ya know us as missionaries aren’t allowed to swim, so it makes gettin down the road pretty hard, but the rain here is super cool how fast and hard it comes in, and there is so so so so much lightning!:) we did have a noche de hogar (FHE) with our branch pres which was supposed to start at 630 so we get there at 630 then we ended up watching some TV with him about that pawn shop show in Vegas and he just kept asking me questions about the US and then telling me how he could destroy it:) I do love that guy a lot! so we just sat around drinking Mate (some super weird but super good drink with herbs and hot water, Google it, Paden knows what I am talking about)! But there is also terere which is mate but cold with juice and it is delicious!:)


Wednesday was also pretty chill! We went out after our studies around 9 and had a little success with some lessons!:) After that my comp wanted to work on his talk/video he is going to send home for his stake conference or something so we were at the Cyber (internet place) for a little and I was doing my research on what team I wanna be (Everyone is Paraguay asks if you’re Olimpia or Cerro, and in Argentina they ask River or Boca) And I am thinking I am Olimpia and River, so there’s that! Its kinda a big decision in my life here as it can make or break relationships! They are nuts with their soccer and I couldn’t love it more. here wearing soccer jerseys is the thing. everyone has a team they like from every division and country and everything! there is ALWAYS a game on, and I love just clapping at someone’s gate and saying “Podemos mirar el partido con ustedes por favor????:) which means can we watch the game with ya? and then they almost always say yes, and I love that you don’t have to ask if there is a game ever. there is always a game. and then I quickly whenever there is a mistake I bring up the atonement and either get a lesson or get kicked out!:) Wednesday night we had Noche De rama which is just family home evening for the branch and we played ping pong. I am proud to say I didn’t lose. the ping pong game is real my friends!:) And then we went to eat some hamburgers (hamburger, egg, ham, and weird cheese) at the place we always go, and there is a girl there who’s mom owns it who LOVES me. like bad. she texts us every night asking if I can take her to America, or saying she loves my eyes or hair or smile. she’s nuts, but the burgers are good. 🙂


Then on Thursday we did our weekly planning and then did some service at the branch presidents house, and helped him move some rocks and sand for him! while we were waiting for him to get home, there is a little soccer field kinda by his house that we went to and I was able to play soccer for a little bit and that like made my life, until some punk kinds started trying to have beef with me, I was like seriously what are you 12? and then they walked away and stopped trying to have beef! After we went to our burger place and enjoyed us a little soccer, it was Cerro vs. Boca and it was some super super UGLY soccer for what are supposed to be 2 of the best teams in south America! everyone here was supa mad because Boca won 4-1 and 5-1 on aggregate, and I was like yeah its probs bc you guys pushed 9 guys and they got 3 late counterattack goals 3 on 1 with the keeper, I do love watching soccer with people here though! its the fastest way for me to gain some level of respect from them because I actually know what I am talking about!:) After the game we got a call to give a Menos Activo (less active) a blessing of consejo (I cant remember the word in English) and my comp did that. its super hard to give blessings and nerve racking in a different language! we are told to always let a native do it if possible because we don’t know the language too well, but it was still a good experience, whenever you get to lay your hands upon someone’s head in faith knowing the power of god and the grace of Jesuristo is enough to help this person get through whatever they are currently going though is always an awesome experience.

Friday well I will start with Thursday night! HOLY CRAP it was raining so so so hard all night! and the thunder was super strong. I will say the thunder here is different than at home its so much deeper, louder, longer, and more powerful. Its so powerful that it shakes your bed and house, it is impressive. all of Friday was supa stormy! it would stop raining for a good 5 min and then you would hear some thunder and that just makes the clouds wake up or something and then all of a sudden you’re soaked! its super hard to have success in the rain because as I am sure ZD knows in England no one wants to talk to someone who is soaking wet and trying to change their religion, so for that Friday was a little hard in the working side, but nevertheless a good day!:)

Saturday we did some more service for the branch president and I dug like a 10 foot hole for a well, whale, wale, idk, anyways it was so hot, but so so so fun! then we went to the central of hernandarias where some other elders are and there was an activity thing there with like stands from every country and it was super fun!! They had a USA stand and the people in it were just rocking cowboy hats and were supa cool and supa funny!!:)


Sunday I gave a talk about the holy ghost, and I was the last speaker which meant I had over 35 min to speak to fill, so I just went off in English, and then said how its the same for me when the speak in Guaraní, yet I can still feel the spirit in other languages because of the power of the holy ghost and everyone in the branch was like knocked out of their chairs! its funny how when natives and members get up to speak its supa loud and no one is listening, but the moment an American gets up there, it is SILENT, and everyone is looking at you like you’re an apostle. it is such a neat experience! we have this supa supa pretty 19 year old in our branch and she’s supa cool and all, but she just told me she fell n love with me at first sight, and that she feels like she should marry me, and I was like uhhh..

ANYWAYS I FINISHED 803 pages of Jesus The Christ. Wow! What a book! That grew my testimony times a million! Jesus was the man and a half, and as Connan said `can you look him in the eye and tell him he hasn’t done enough for you?` I know that I cant now for sure! I also invite you to read the attributes of Christ in PMG, especially after reading that I have a new respect, and testimony that Jesus is THE CHRIST. the only begotten of the Father, the God of the old testament. HE IS MY REDEEMER, AND the redeemer of the world.

The church is true, the sky is blue and.. you know the rest.


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