Week 18: Hernandarias Paraguay

Soooo Paraguay is a weird place!

It took 10 hours to get to my area! Then when we got to Ciudad Del Este we toured it all day, and ate pizza hut! that was good! and then I met my comp! he is 20 years old, from Santiago Chile, the area of my boy swaggy p! anyways they call our pension the pent house because its pretty nice! I like it here so far, but fetching Guaraní is EVERYWHERE. I cannot speak a lick of it yet. I can kinda say some phrases, but its a break off of Chinese slightly and has NO relation to Spanish, but I will learn! there is also a ton of Portuguese! My comp (Elder is really nice, but he talks to himself a lot, and that’s kinda awkward! I do have a BURGER KING in my area though so that’s like bde. and I can text Elder Eddenfield, and Elder Thomas quite a bit and call them now because were in the same country!!:) I can already tell my Spanish is getting better every second, seeing that its the only way to communicate with my comp or anyone for that matter!:)

Thank you all so much for your support and love! 🙂 I can truly feel it!!!:) Also shout to the council keep doing your thing homies! 🙂

RoHyHu!:) (I love you in guarni)


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