Week 15: Eldorado Argentina

McDons 🙂

Hello folks! Today might be another weird email week because its Eldorado´s birthday today, so everything is closed and I’m at the one computer at the church emailing, so I might get back on tomorrow to actually email! But anyways… This week felt SO LONG! So we had a district meeting Tuesday which was chill and all, and then we had divisions for a little while. I was with Elder Arevalo! He is from Santiago, Chile (Yes, Paden I talked to him forever about you being there. he told me to tell you the League of Legends server for South America is there and they have a pin of 18 or something) anyways we were just in Eldorado for a little, and it was kinda fun! I got to see how good I have become at Spanish, and we had a little success, but not too much! We also had a family home evening with The Medina´s they taught us… well me… how to cook a meal while my comp just sat there, and then we shares about how preparing food is like preparing to meet Christ, and the Lord had made the recipe and directions, we just have to follow him and trust that they will work!

Cooking with Medina!!:)

Cooking with Medina!!:)

Then Wednesday we cleaned the font all day getting ready for the sisters baptism that was supposed to be on Saturday, but then it got canceled! Then on Thursday I had to travel to Posadas…AGAIN! But this time I was only there from 8 until 2AM then we piled into a small van to go to Corrientes about 5 hours away to get citizenship here! Corrientes is HUGE and I was super happy I got to go with Elder Thomas! He is Elder Eddenfield’s cousin, and we are just as good as friends! The best part about it is that we went to this HUGE mall for lunch, and I had MCDONALDS! WHAT A GREAT DAY! I had 4 McDoubles and was so so happy! I felt like I was in Utah again, but I was definitely missing my friends.

McDonalds(Misiones my providence or state is like the armpit of Argentina and South America, there is nothing too nice here) So we did all that and then we got back to our area around 3am and slept! The next day we waited.. and waited.. and waited until 5 for the APs who were supposed to be here at 2. We then had divisions with them! I was with Elder Murillo from Colombia! He used to be catholic, which is like everyone here so he relates to them very well! I learned a lot from him! He dies in 2 months but doesn’t want to! Then on Sunday nothing really happened. We had no investigators at church again which just breaks my heart!

This week was SUPER rainy though. Like you have no idea. It rains so hard here it sounds like you’re in the middle of the ocean, and the thunder is deafening! I LOVE the rain, unless the sun comes out because then it gets blistering hot! It is always humid here. like always. it is killing me. 75-90 degrees isn’t bad, but that with 80-100 percent humidity is killer!

Fanny Pack game TOO strong

Fanny Pack game TOO strong

I read in 1 Cor 13:8 this week, and it says Charity never faileth. Notice how its not charity rarely or sometimes or mostly never faileth, but it says NEVER. Going out of your way to help someone or give will never fail you.

I love you all and thank you so much for the support!

Te amo todos y muchas gracias por su ayuda durante este tiempo en mi vida. Yo se que este iglesia es verdadera, y también que este realmente es la obra de dios, y el quiérenos a tener éxito, y encontrar las personas que ha preparado para el evangelio! LUCHE LUCHE LUCHE! Nunca dejar a luchar para la verdad!

These are the languages and my plaques of my mission!:)

These are the languages and my plaques of my mission!:)


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