Week 10: Eldorado Argentina

Another week in the life.

photo 1So this week in Argentina was a very slow week. On Tuesday we had a Multi Zone conference with the President in my chapel, so me and my comp had to get everything ready for that! It was a really cool little conference! The president is the man! He talked a lot about what people think they need to do to be good missionaries like walking super fast, being good at Spanish, etc. and how in reality that stuff doesn’t matter, all that matters is if you love the people. You can be the best walker, talker, preacher, or anything, but without charity we are absolutely nothing! I loved this! And then Wednesday we had a 3 hour bus ride down to Posadas, we had to leave at 4 in the morning which sucked, but it wasn’t too bad! I went down there for some legal documents, and I was reunited with Elder Thomas! That was awesome! His cousin Elder Eddenfieldis in my district, and us 3 are truly becoming brothers out here! Me and Elder Eddenfield went on transfers Thursday after District Meeting, everyone was a little skeptical because I have 4 weeks and he only has one more transfer than me and is still in training, but we KILLED it. We placed 3 baptismal dates, and had 7 lessons in 3 hours. Everyone was blown away. It was such an awesome experience, I truly was able to see how far I am coming in Spanish. On Thursday me and my comp met with Alejandro! He is still smoking, and has a ton of problems, but our lesson was good, but then the dummy decides that sleep is better than church, so we have to push his baptism back! We also met with the Lopez family! What a great family! They all have baptismal dates, and the dad just got left by his wife Monday, she just left him! He is such a nice cool guy, and reminds me a lot of my grandpa for some reason! I love love love this family, and I just know they need this gospel, especially at this time in their lives! He is so strong though, and his kids are helping out a ton! It was kinda nuts getting out to his house which is about 15 miles away, we took a bus down a dirt road forever, and I’m guessing the drive just got relaxed and started driving super fast, then he hit a dip, and we being the only ones in the bus at this point, flew Like FLEW! My head hit the ceiling of the bus, and the windows of the bus shattered.. needless to say we walked the rest of the way. Then we called Jose to figure out where we were, and so he comes down on his little motorcycle with his son and says hop on! So at this point we have four on a motorcycle, and I’m on the back. I was trying to hold my legs up because I had nowhere to set them, and then we hit a bump, and my leg is a little burned now from the exhaust, but it was super fun!

Just a quick little side note to my boy C-wall.. Come have a challenge when you’re trying to learn Spanish, Portugease, AND Guarni which is like the most unuseful language ever, and looks like my brother was typing on the computer. Its compared more closely to Hungarian than to Spanish. I mean its not even on google translate 😉

and another random fact about Argentina… Women breast feed openly. Anywhere. In church, in the road, in lessons, anywhere. Its super annoying when you’re giving a talk and the 27 yr old branch presidents 19 yr old wife is breast feeding, and you’re like c´mon.

Also you can send me letters by using 2 forever stamps and sending it to:
Elder Brayden Cooper Nielsen
mision argentina posadas
Cordoba 1243
Posadas cp 3300

Anyways…Mosiah 2:6 says everyman having his tent with the door thereof towards the temple… This made me think.. ALOT… which way is my tent pitched? Is it kinda pitched towards the world so that it can change with the world? Or is it firmly placed with all of my heart, might, mind and strength towards the temple, and a nonchanging gospel? I invite all of you to ask yourselves this simple question. What is my tent pitched towards?

I love you all and thank you so much for the support!

Selfie Game TOO strong. This is arguably my favorite part about Argentina, just chillin is truck beds cruisin´ at 60 km an hour. There really are no rules here when it comes to driving!:)

Selfie Game TOO strong.
This is arguably my favorite part about Argentina, just chillin is truck beds cruisin´ at 60 km an hour. There really are no rules here when it comes to driving!:)


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