Week 8: Eldorado Argentina

“I just gave Jesus water” – Some crazy catholic lady after giving me and my comp water.

¿Que tal?

All is well here in Eldorado! Its been a little bit harder week, but Just gotta keep working, and working! Working is key to happiness! We found this awesome awesome guy on Saturday, Alejandro! His wife is a member, and we gave him a lesson about the priesthood. I always have a picture of Matt with me, and I felt prompted to share his story! When I did I was so overwhelmed by the spirit I lost it in tears, that’s when he started bawling. Right after that, I brought up baptism and committed him to 16 de Septiembre! He came to church the next day and everything! He was so engaged, and I just know that this man needs the gospel, and that he wants it! What a great way to end a week of total rejection. Its so weird how whenever the missionaries start talking, people all of a sudden are leaving to somewhere, or have a baby, or are tired, sometimes they look out the window and just way their finger signaling no.. It is so so hard to take so much rejection, when we are trying to spread happiness! But then on Saturday to commit 5 people to baptism on the 16th, and to just have so much success was the most amazing thing ever. We went on divisions with the AP and one of the office elders. The AP told me he is molding me to take his spot.. Little does he know I don’t wanna be AP. I would rather work in the field, and actually have an area! But whatever happens happens I guess! On Tuesday we found the ghetto.. Honestly I was scared, for the first time on my mission I was legitly scared.. We got attacked by tons of dogs, and I constantly was fighting them off with a stick, one of them bit my foot, and tore my shoe. Only a little blood though! Me and my comp just smiled, and said Hey! Just something to write home about! 🙂 On Sunday I had to give a 15 min talk in church.. I was so scared it wasn’t even funny, I got up there and realized I didn’t have the talk I had prepared, but its crazy how real the gift of tongues is. I was able to speak for around 13min, and after everyone told me they could understand what I was saying, and everything! I always am looking at my watch calculating the times in Tacoma, Provo, and London to kinda get an idea of what the homies are up to in the world. It always gives me an emotional boost! We still haven’t got money for a stove, the dumb financial secretary forgot to send it, so we have to wait another week… Cereal, and bread is the regular! But I love it here!!!

Thank You so much for all of the support! I love you all!:) also Alma 56:47 Doubt your Doubts before you Doubt Your Faith.

Con amor de todo mi corazon,
Elder Nielsen 🙂


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