Week 8: Eldorado Argentina

Random facts about the big Argentina area:)Week 8: Eldorado Argentina

photo 21. Everyone sleeps in between 12-6. Everything. EVERYTHING. is closed
2. The government hates America, so it is rare to find random american things like peanut butter. And hard to get packages, and mail, and anything good from America!
3. Dogs, Dogs, Dogs. Dead, sleeping, roaming. everywhere.
4.Very rare out side of the city for people to have real floor, normally just sirt, and random wood pieces for cieling.
5. No dinner. ever.
6. Dulce de leche is life. its basically carmel apple dip, they eat it with everything.
7. Mata is some weird herbs tea they LOVE here. they drink it ALL THE TIME.
8. everyone says south america is easy to baptize because people are humble, the reality is they are scared to say no, there are over 80 inactives in our branch alone. CONVERSION IS KEY.
9. I will probably come home nearly fluent in 3 languages. Spanish, Portugese, and Guarni which is in paraguay and is super weird and doesnt sound like a language.
10. Pavement is super rare, mostly its bright orange dirt, or super bad cobble stone!:)

Anyways thats just a look into the daily life here.
i love you all 🙂


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