Week 7: Eldorado Argentina

Week 1 Eldorrado….:)

Argentina.. It definitely isn’t the USA, but man is it beautiful. i am in the second biggest city in our Mission. By big I mean half of Ogden, maybe.. maybe 2% of our area is paved roads, the rest is awful cobble stone that kills your feet, or bright orange dirt. 99% of the houses are the size of a small bedroom, with dirt floors, and maybe a roof, maybe. I absolutely love this amazing country and the amazing people here. Our rama (branch) has some of the most amazing men and women that I have ever met. My comp. is Elder Smith from WX he has been out 7 months, and basically I do all the talking, and leading. we are doing a white wash (both new to an area) which meant NO investigators, at all. We have contacted on the streets and now have 3. My comp hasn´t had a baptism yet, so Im hoping to get him there. He tells everyone im the next AP because my first day I placed 3 BOM, which I guess is amazing:) There are dogs everywhere, i mean everywhere. like everywhere. I have been bitten a little, not too bad. Our stove and ovenodesn´t work, the washing machines here are mostly your hands and a bowl, our apartment is full of mold, but I LOVE IT. We have been stopped by drunks a couple times, but it’s just super funny, and they just say that since we are men of Christ we owe them money.. I just LOL:) We have been turned down alot, which sucks, because I know how many amazing blessings they will miss out on. They don´t eat dinner here. ever. no dinner for me. Lunch is the meal here, so we have lunch appointments with the amazing members everyday of the week. Spanish is coming along. But i just want you to all to know, and that I promise you as a representative of Christ that he loves all of his children, and he does hear and answer all of our prayers. I bear witness that he will help us, and strengthen us always. I love you all, and I invite you to share the testimony that you have been BLESSED with to others.

Con amor de todo mi corazon, Elder Nielsen 🙂


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